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Sidney Santos

Río de Janeiro, Brasil


When we asked Sidney to tell us about himself, he said:

“Well, I’m carioca (Rio de Janeiro native), I am 45 years old and have worked with the following artists: João Nogueira, Almir Guineto, Sonia Santos, Geraldo Azevedo, Moraes Moreira, Fernanda Abreu, Forrosacana, and currently with Diogo Nogueira and Seu Jorge. I knew Playing For Change through the songs around the world, but Pretinho da Serrinha is the one who referred me.

How we met:

Sidney already knew about Playing For Change from our first release, Songs Around the World. When his friend Pretinho da Serrinha told him we were in town, he showed up with his bass, ready to go!


Río de Janeiro, Brasil

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