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Vinnie Caggiano

New York, United States


Eclectic Guitarist, Vinnie Caggiano, has made composition and performance of music the centerpiece of his lifestyle. He pursued his musical education both formally and through multi-cultural life experience. Originally from New York City, Vinnie received a degree in Music Composition at Five Towns College on Long Island. His life experience brought him into the genre of Traditional African music, with Babatunde Olatunji in Manhattan and then in Los Angeles with Ayo Adeyemi and Sly Degbos. He got involved with the MetaMusic Productions where he gained experience in music for the awakening of inner psychic centers, through the mysticism of Oscar Ichazo’s Arica Institute.

Along the standard path of professional musicianship, Vinnie has also done his share of live performance in the rock, blues, and jazz genres, and done extensive studio work for various artists. He has also done sound design for live theatre companies, composed music for performance artists, played improvised, ambient music for poets and similar experimental work. He has resided in New York, Austin, TX, and now takes permanent residence in Los Angeles. He plays locally at places ranging from the bohmian to the high-end. The latest scheduling can be found on his website.

Vinnie employs a musical technology called ˜looping™, wherein the sound of multilayered guitars give the impression of more than one musician playing along to the music. He has completed through the generosity of his producer and friend, George Madaraz, a new CD called “Loop Du Jour”, which is available now. There is a CD of a live performance in looping in the works as well.



New York, United States

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