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Django “Bambolino” Degen

Strasbourg, France


Playing everything from bongos to a triangle, Django is always smiling and dancing as he entertains audiences. Whether he is playing with Batukeros de la Calle or spontaneously jamming with a passing musician, Django’s rhythm and energy are captivating. During the summer months, Django is known as Bambolino, running around the beaches with boxes of donuts balanced on his head. He sells them to the beach-goers, who are amazed at his ability to swim, dance, ride a bike, and move effortlessly through the crowds without ever dropping a single donut.

How we met:

We were in awe of Django’s energy when we met in Barcelona. Django knows and is known by everyone in the city, and he played a crucial role in introducing us to many of the musicians we’ve worked with there. One never knows what will happen while hanging out with Django, but you can expect nothing short of an entertaining experience. One night while eating dinner an accordion player stopped to play a tune. Django jumped up immediately with a spoon and his triangle and gave us one of the most exciting dinner performances of all time!


Strasbourg, France

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