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Yuri Mrakadi

Beirut, Lebanon


Yuri Mrakadi is a Lebanese singer and composer. Yuri grew up in Beirut and personally experienced the disasters of the civil war in his country. In 2001 he became particularly popular in the Arabic world with his song, Arabian Ana (I’m an Arab). Yuri has since released several albums across the years and has been composing music for the TV industry in the middle East.

How we met:

We met with Yuri in Beirut, Lebanon, during a beautiful sunset on the mediterranean sea. Yuri was waiting for us on Beirut’s waterfront, over the so called “Pigeon Rock” as we were coming back from recording all day outside the city. We set up our microphones and cameras right before sunset and enjoyed this acoustic version of Yuri’s hit, “Arabian Ana.” The day after, Yuri joined the PFC band on stage at the Holiday’s festival to perform his song live along with other PFC classics.


Beirut, Lebanon

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