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Guguletu, Ciudad del Cabo, El Cabo Occidental, South Africa


Amidst turmoil, poverty and survival, Tyhundza, meaning “push,” was created. Tyhundza is a South African backyard jazz band that reveals the truth and power behind music, inspiring us all to believe in a blessed life, that has no boundaries, no limitations, no religion, nor economic status. Tyhundza’s mission is to share this belief with their coummunity’s youth in hopes to cultivate a stronger, wiser consciousness.

How we met:

When the PFC crew arrived in Cape Town, South Africa, they were searching for a man named Pokei Klaas, who mark had seen in a photo book titled “A Day in the Life of Africa.” Mark asked a local musician if he had ever heard of Pokei Klaas, and his reply was “Know him? Why, he is one of my best friends!” A few hours later, the whole crew had piled into a van and was driving out to the Township of Guguletu, about 15 miles outside of Cape Town. Once the crew explained to Pokei why they had come, he called up the rest of his band, Tyhundza, and performed an impromptu concert that had the entire neighborhood celebrating!

This backyard is where the first Playing For Change Music School was created, the Ntonga Music School, in Gugulethu.


Guguletu, Ciudad del Cabo, El Cabo Occidental, South Africa

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