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Tsering Gyurmey

Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India


Tsering Gyurmey is a traditional and contemporary singer from Nepal, and has played an instrumental role in making traditional Tibetan music more accessible to younger audiences. For fans outside of India and Nepal, his beautiful voice and effortless damien playing make his music enjoyable, even if the listener does not understand the lyrics. Over the course of his career he has performed around the world, and still continues to tour.

How we met:

We happened across this world renowned Tibetan musician at a rooftop pizza shop in Dharamsala, India. In the middle of our lunch, our guide suddenly became flushed and embarrassed when she noticed that one of the most famous musicians in the region was seated at the table across the way. With our encouragement she gathered her resolve and introduced herself to him. A few minutes later Mark played him “Stand By Me” on his iPod, and he agreed to meet us the next day at a park to be filmed and recorded.


Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh, India

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