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Preservation Hall Jazz Band

New Orleans, Luisiana, Estados Unidos


Preservation Hall Jazz Band derives its name from the Preservation Hall venue located in New Orleans™ French Quarter. The band is known for performing traditional New Orleans-style jazz.
The musicians in the groups have varied during the years since the founding of the hall in the early 1960s. Bands of the Preservation Hall Jazz Band perform at Preservation Hall on 726 St. Peter Street in the French Quarter, and tour around the world for more than 150 days a year.

How we met:
We were inspired by PFC’s 2008 video for ‘Stand By Me,’ especially after seeing the familiar faces of New Orleans own Grandpa Elliot and Washboard Chaz. Music is a powerful vehicle for change and we love the message PFC continues to spread. It was a honor and so enjoyable to record some tracks in our humble and historic home, Preservation Hall.



New Orleans, Luisiana, Estados Unidos

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