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Paulo da Luz

Salvador da Bahia, State of Bahia, Brazil


Singer and songwriter Paulo da Luz was born in Bahia in 1981. Nearly 15 years ago he found in the Rastafari culture the redemption for African people, which was decisive in his artistic path. In 2001, he formed his first band called “Roots Resurrection,” which participated in the project “Sunset at Rosinha.” That project increased the Reggae scene in Bahia, bringing together, every Friday for 2 years, local and foreign artists to make music at Pelourinho, in Salvador (BA). At that time he participated as a bass player in the DVD “Bahia Roots,” with Edinaldo Sá, produced by Universal Music.

Since then he has played with many local musicians and bands such as: Ras Ciro Lima, Blessed, Ras Edinaldo Sá and Red Meditation. And also participated in different events, like: Arembepe Summer Festival (2003); Summer Festival Itacaré (2004); Praia do Forte Summer Festival (2005) and different editions of Carnival in Bahia, leading Reggae “trio elétricos” and local bands. From 2007 to 2009, he played with the band “Tribo Cultural” in the project “Pelourinho Cultural,” which took part in different squares in Salvador.

“Maranata” is the name of his first solo CD, which was launched in Salvador, Bahia. Paulo da Luz points out that his CD “reveals the feelings of a Rasta man, denouncing a confused and unequal system,” as well as talks about African ancestry. His music is inspired by the main mentors of Reggae music, like Bob Marley, I Jah Man and Ras Michael. He currently lives close to nature and is dedicated to music and composition, and also in cultivating Rastafarian beliefs.


Salvador da Bahia, State of Bahia, Brazil

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