Paulie Cerra

Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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Paulie Cerra is a singer, songwriter and accomplished saxophonist. Infusing the sounds of cities across the American music spectrum into his own music is what makes his music so vibrant and original.

Having lived in Memphis, Dallas, Nashville, Chicago and Los Angeles, he has soaked up some of the wonderful sounds of these music meccas and used them like a painter uses colors to paint a landscape. His is a musical landscape of blues, jazz, R&B, soul, country, folk and gospel.

Blessed with a voice that recalls the influences of Ray Charles, Johnny Adams, Joe Cocker, Walter ‘Wolfman’ Washington, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Sam Cooke, Paulie has a vocal sound and style all his own. Being an in demand saxophonist for years with artists such as Lucky Peterson, Bobby Bland, Little Milton, Jimmy Johnson, Carl Weathersby and countless others has shaped him both as a writer and vocalist.




Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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