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Oneness Choir

Varadayapalli Masjid, Varadayapalli, Amalladinne, Andhra Pradesh, India


Vinaya and Saindhavi have been connected to the oneness movement, a center of learning and meditation about life, truth, oneness and connectedness, for the past 12 years and began singing together in praise of Amma and Bhagavan, the founders of the Oneness Movement. They both are not only musically gifted, but also mentally inclined, which means their voices, devotion, expression and manodharma (improvisation), comes naturally to them by the grace of Amma and Bhagavan. Together, they have created a number of albums together and have started performing carnatic classical concerts.

How we met:

While in Varadayapalem, India, we learned about the Oneness Movement, and the choir involved with them. We were immediately captivated by these women’s beautiful voices, and were pleased when they accepted our invitation to become involved with the project. We recorded a number of performances with the Oneness Choir, blending their melodic and spiritual voices into many of our songs.


Varadayapalli Masjid, Varadayapalli, Amalladinne, Andhra Pradesh, India

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