Natalie Pa’apa’a

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Natalie Pa’apa’™a began her music career as a street percussionist, as well as with a band called Skin, before relocating to Melbourne to concentrate on the 8-piece urban roots collective now known as Blue King Brown. Blending Latin, reggae, roots, dancehall and funk into their sound, Blue King Brown reflects the diverse cultural and musical histories of their nine touring members. Pa’apa’a herself comes from Samoan, Native American, Basque and Mexican heritage, and credits her mother with instilling a love of music in her early on.

“I grew up with a really great soundtrack because my mom has a great taste in music. Also, she’s Samoan and there’s a very strong tradition of singing and rhythm in the Pacific Islands. Rhythm is something I gravitated towards as a percussionist and feel it’s such a really powerful foundation of music,” she said. “The other parts of my heritage have influenced my activism and my worldview. I think there are things in peoples’ ancestry and bloodlines that we probably don’t even realize are there and influencing us, but they are doing that, and I’m sure I’m the same.”

Known for their strong political songs and high octane live performances, Blue King Brown have opened for local and international acts as diverse as Carlos Santana, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Damian Marley, The John Butler Trio, The Cat Empire, Silverchair, and Powderfinger. In addition to their strong national profile they have established an international presence, touring Canada, the USA, France, England and Japan. Their latest LP was partially recorded in Kingston, Jamaica, with legendary reggae producers Robbie and Sly, who have previously worked with Bob Dylan, Grace Jones and The Rolling Stones. Natalie Pa’apa’™a is a vocal social activist and is known for speaking out on environmental and human rights issues including people trafficking, the NT intervention, the rebuilding of Haiti and ethical consumerism.



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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