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Mathieu Aupitre “Mateo”

Toulouse, France


Mathieu Aupitre, also known as “Mateo”, is a french saxophonist, vocalist and arranger living in Barcelona. At the same time as his studies of Jazz and musicology in Toulouse, Mateo debuted on the professional music scene with North and West African music, Afrobeat, Jazz-funk and Afro-Cuban Jazz in different stages, particularly at Marciac Jazz Festival and Tempo Latino Festival.
Since his venue in Barcelona in 2008, Mateo collaborated with artists such as Anga el Indio de la Reve, Lazara Cachao, Robin Reyes, Laura Flores and Orbe Ortiz (Cuba), Bino Barros (Cape Verde), Hugo Soares (Angola), Tal Ben Ari (Israel), Tchika (Mozambique), James Kakande (United Kindom), and Clarence Bekker, one of the main voices of the Playing for Change Band.

Besides his concerts and studio recordings in Barcelona, he performed in Colombia, Cape Verde, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Ghana, Italy, Croatia, Comoros Islands, and in New York where he first met Mark Johnson. Mateo is currently working on his first album as composer and bandleader.

How we met:

“I first used to perform with my actual friends “Tula” Tal Ben Ari, Francois Viguié and Pierre Minetti, members of Playing For Change before my venue in Barcelona in 2008, and then in 2009 I have been introduced to Mark Johnson in New York, which invited me to join PFC through the video “A better place”. It has been a very nice experience; the result is really motivating and it was so natural to work with Mark.”


Toulouse, France

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