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Los Turpiales Sabaneros

Barcelona, Spain


Driven by the memory and passion of Colombian music, that has been the soundtrack of the years he spent in Colombia, Cuban musician Papa Orbe Ortiz has formed Los Turpiales Sabaneros gathering nine columbian musicians living in the city of Barcelona, giving life to a repertoire of purely danceable music that mixes traditional and contemporary spirit.

Orbe has lived more than a decade in Colombia and has recorded three discs with Totó la Momposina as well as artists like Sidestepper, Lisandro Meza, Los Del Caney and collaborated with Pacho Zumaqué, Los Nemus Del Pacifico, Lumbalú as well as several other artists.

The result is a party in which the knowledgeable dancer or the public that is not familiar with these genres, immerse themselves in a sea of ​​joy and complicity. There is no border that can stop the curative and socializing power of this music.

Los Turpiales Sabaneros interpret original and unreleased songs that are respectfully based on traditional Colombian styles such as cumbias, porros and Gaitas composed by great masters such as Lucho Bermúdez, Pedro Laza, Andrés Landero, Edmundo Arias, among others. This music reflects the festive character of the northern coastal and savanna region of Colombia. The lyrics are full of jocular anecdotes, showing the joy, the tradition and the colorfulness of its people.

The main objective of Los Turpiales Sabaneros is to make anybody attending their concerts to dance. This is why if one word was be used to define the band and its purpose, it would be “JOY”.

Los Turpiales Sabaneros:

Papa Orbe Ortiz: Vocals, direction and composition
Diana de la Torre: Vocals and minor percussion
José Acevedo: Vocals and guitar
Miguel Ramón: Tiple
Santiago Acebedo: Baby bass
Eduard Bedoya: Clarinet
David Jácome: Alto saxophone
Nando Pico: Tenor Saxophone
Felipe Muñoz: Drums
Sebastian Cabra: Congas and percussions.


Barcelona, Spain

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