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Lesego Rampolokeng

Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa


Through his poetry, Lesego gives voice to the lost generation of apartheid. Once a law student, he gave up his studies to focus himself solely on his art, becoming one of the most relentless South African artists in the years leading up to the fall of apartheid. When asked in an interview to summarize his artistic goals, he replied “Whether that pleases the kings and princes of this earth is absolutely of no importance to me.”

How we met:

Lesego and his family were our guiding light into the culture and life of South Africa, providing a pure insight and understanding of the country’s paradigm. He, along with his father, sisters, and son, KMS, picked us up at the Joburg airport and introduced us to South Africa. He was not only our guide, but also our ambassador in Johannesburg and the Township of Soweto. He was the one who introduced us to Louis Mhlanga, Playing for Change’s golden guitar player whose smile and unparalleled talent has enraptured the hearts of thousands around the world. We discovered throughout our time together, that Lesego, and his family share the same vision of humanity that we do and strive for a unifying musical revolution.


Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa

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