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Kiran Nepali

Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal


Kiran Nepali, a renowned Sarangi player from Nepal, is a member of the folk band Kutumba. He is a third generation Sarangi player in his family, and explains that he is greatly influenced by his grandfather, father and uncles, who were all Sarangi players of their times. Kiran spent 4 weeks studying the Sarangi in the Batulechaur area, a well-known Gandharva settlement close to Pokhara. Kiran also plays the guitar and teaches Sarangui at the Mitrata Music Program, created by the PFC Foundation in an orphanage located in Kathmandu.

How we met:

Kiran is teaching Sarangi at the PFC Foundation’s Mitrata Music Program in Kathmandu. We recorded him while visiting our music programs in Nepal in 2013.


Kathmandu, Central Region, Nepal

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