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Joe and the Ganja Muffins

Cape Town, El Cabo Occidental, South Africa


Joe Petersen is one of Cape Town’s most legendary street musicians. He has entertained locals, tourists and passers-by for an eternity with his djembe, kazu, and Cape Town-sized heart, not to mention his unique voice, perfect smile and his jamming buddies known as the Ganja Muffins.

How we met:

After we checked in to our Cape Town hotel and became acquainted with our surroundings, we wandered along the streets to find some lunch. While waiting for a “robo” (traffic light) to change green we heard music in the distance and decided to discover its origin. About three blocks later we found two guys singing Bob Marley freedom songs, one with a guitar, the other with a djembe and kazu; they called themselves “Joe and the Ganja Muffins.” After we finished our lunch, we asked them if they wanted to be involved in the project. They were delighted, and played an entire set for us.


Cape Town, El Cabo Occidental, South Africa

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