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Francois Viguié

Toulouse, France


Francois has lived in Barcelona since 2001. Born in the south of France, he studied history of arts and then graduated with a Masters in Documentary film from Autonoma University in Barcelona. He met Mark Johnson and Jonathan Walls in the streets of Barcelona and connected them with different musicians in the city. Francois became part of the PFC team and traveled to South Africa, Los Angeles,  New York City for the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival, South America, West Africa… Francois is currently dedicated to the Playing For Change movement and has been working since February 2010 as project manager of the Playing For Change Foundation’s music school in Kirina, Mali, coordinating the music programs in Africa and producing video contents for the Playing For Change movement.

How we met:

“I met Mark, Jon, Kevin and Enzo when they came for their first shooting in Barcelona, during a jam session on the beach. When Mark explained me the concept of Playing for Change and the idea of creating a version of “Stand by Me” around the world, I just could not believe it– I thought that was the most amazing idea ever for a musical documentary! We became friends and started to work together naturally because we were sharing so many points of views about music, life and filming.”


Toulouse, France

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