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Damien Cherbit

Paris, France


Damien is a self taught guitarist born in Paris. He started playing music at the age of six, learning guitar, piano and to sing. Damien started to compose and write songs when he was still a young boy, influenced by jazz and gypsy music (flamenco and manouche). Damien is also exploring underground music influences such as Hip-Hop, Dub, Drum & Bass, mixing electronic music with acoustic sounds and creating his own style of flamenbass music.

Damien has been part of different musical projects playing guitar, percussions, singing, or on turntables and has been working as a composer in film industry, publicity and entertainment.

How we met:

We recorded Damien on “Clandestino” in Paris a few years back. He previously lived in Barcelona and had met and become friends with PFC team member Francois Viguié. We just called him when we arrived in Paris and asked if he would like to play on a Song Around The World.


Paris, France

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