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Colton James

Texas, United States


Colton James was born in the small Texas town of Zorn. Son of a Cowboy and Country music singer he is carrying on the tradition of both. Aside from touring around playing and writing his own music, he currently plays Doghouse Bass with The Dirty River Boys.

How we met:

“I met the great folks from “Playing for change” through a good friend of mine in Austin TX named Eagle Eye Williamson. They all came down to the farm one afternoon and we had a good Ol time just playing songs an talking about the project.. It was a great experience and one ill never forget !!”

When and how did you get involved with music? 

Music found me at a tender age.. Guess you could say i was born into it .. It all began when my grandfather left my dad a 1946 Martin that he gave to me and taught me how to play..

What does music mean to you? 

Music is the true vibration of life .. It’s amazing how just a few notes strung together can make a man crack a smile or break down and cry.. Music is the universal language that will exist beyond and after the stars burn out.

Do you have a favorite artist, album, or song?

Just real honest music from the heart.


Texas, United States

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