Clarence Bekker

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Clarence is a native of Suriname who moved to Amsterdam at the age of 6. He developed his craft in his adopted homeland and eventually took it around the world with little more than a guitar strapped to his back. He started his singing career with legendary Dutch band, Swing Soul Machine, where he was the youngest singer in 20 years. He grew into a dance music artist called CB Milton where he made three albums in the 1990s. Currently, Clarence is living in Barcelona, Spain, collaborating with bands like 08001 and local DJs like Taito Tikaro.

How we met:

While filming Pierre Minetti performing his original song, “Don’t Worry,” in Barcelona, he recommended we meet his friend Clarence Bekker; Pierre thought Clarence would be a good addition to “Don’t Worry,” and “Stand By Me.” That turned out to be one of the best connections we ever explored! In a friend of Pierre’s garden, Clarence’s spirited voice and passionate soul blew us all away. He is now one of the main voices representing Playing for Change.



Amsterdam, Netherlands

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