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Carlos Vives

Bogota, Colombia


Carlos Vives is a singer and songwriter that is famous in all Latin America. He was born in Santa Marta, on the caribbean side of Colombia, in the early 60’s. Carlos’ music is clearly influenced by rock but many of his songs also have a real Vallenato flavor. Vallenato is a popular colombian music were the accordion plays an important role. Carlos Vives is not only a Grammy Award-winning musician but is also a famous actor and personality in Colombia. His song La tierra del olvido was a huge hit in Colombia and in all Latin America during the 90s.

How we met:

Carlos Vives’ “La Tierra del Olvido” was a perfect song to bring around Colombia. When we met Carlos in Bogota, we already had recorded and filmed musicians on the song. When we showed Carlos the video of his own song played by more than 30 musicians around Colombia, he couldn’t believe it. The day after, we met Carlos again at his restaurant in Bogota and recorded him, singing with musicians recorded in Palenque, Cartagena and Bogota on a song that he had written more than 15 years ago.


Bogota, Colombia

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