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Canek Gonzalez

Tabasco, Mexico

Canek Gonzalez was born in 1977 in the city of Chihuahua, Mexico, and grew up in Tabasco, in the south of the country. He has felt a deep connection to music since he was a boy. But his real opportunity to show his music talent came up when he moved to Barcelona, much like a “clandestino”, attracted by the amazing cultural life the city offers. After working several different jobs, he decided to pursue his dream and began improving his guitar and güiro skills. He quickly got involved in the street music movement in Barcelona, performing his music on the streets but also in bars and concert halls in the area. During that time, he also joined several music projects and played in music festivals, but he always continued to play on the streets and enjoy the spontaneity of passersby.
Canek currently lives as a working musician in Barcelona. He is a singer of the Made in Barcelona band, which has been performing for more than 7 years on the streets of Barcelona. He is also the singer of a Latin hip-hop band called Super Spanish Combo.
How we met:
We met Canek several years ago through our mutual friends Pierre Minetti (musician and composer of “Don´t Worry”) and Francois Viguié (PFC team member).

Tabasco, Mexico

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