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Connecting the world through music indeed! Thanks to your good support, it was our pleasure to provide the Playing For Change Foundation’s Khlong Toey Music Program in Bangkok, Thailand and the Musica Music Institute in Kathmandu, Nepal with the proper equipment to ultimately connect the two music programs realtime. This has been the dream for Playing For Change since its inception and we are pleased to present the very first video connection between our schools.

Sitting in the room for this momentous occasion was unforgettable. At first, the students didn’t know quite how to react, but once each child bravely stood up and introduced themselves, friendships began to flourish. Some of these students live in harsh economically disadvantaged situations. To be able to reach out and make new friends in another country lifted their spirits dramatically.

We deeply appreciate every Playing For Change supporter for helping to make their dreams come alive. And a very special thanks Maurie Stang and family for their gracious loving donation of the equipment. And to Ishor, Gigi, Aom Amm and all the hard-working Thai and Nepali volunteers for MAKING IT HAPPEN!

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Bangkok Thailand

Kathmandu, Central Development Region, Nepal

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