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William Aura

Los Ángeles, California, United States


William Aura’s conscious dedication to global concerns has brought him over a dozen times to the Tibetan world. Witnessing the poverty of these simple but loving people, he made a promise to be a voice for the disadvantaged. His extraordinary video footage is featured in Rick Ray’s award winning film “10 Questions for the Dalai Lama.”

In 2002, he founded the Aura Imports Sponsorship Project to promote education for children in the Himalayan world. Their goals are achieved primarily through child sponsorship by uniting impoverished students with individual sponsors, giving them the tools and opportunities necessary for success.

His company, Aura Imports, is committed to promoting the social and economic progress of people in the region by marketing their handcrafts in a just and direct manner. Proceeds from the web site help over 100 deserving Tibetan and Nepali students.

How we met:

As a friend of the project, William Aura offered his services as a guide to our crew when we traveled to India and Nepal. In Kathmandu he introduced us to his friends, Sur Sudha, and in Dharamsala he helped us hook up with the Exile Brothers. Aura is also an accomplished bass player– he can be seen and heard performing “One Love” from the rooftops of Kathmandu.


Los Ángeles, California, United States

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