Toots Hibbert

May Pen, Parroquia de Clarendon, Jamaica

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Toots Hibbert is a Reggae, Ska and Soul singer from Jamaica. He is the founder of the legendary Jamaican band Toots and the Maytals, which originated in the early sixties. Toots is known for inventing the word “reggae” with his song “Do the Reggay”, released in 1968. With this, he had a hand in creating the reggae music genre. After a few months spent in jail for possession of marijuana, Toots came up with one of his biggest hits : “54-56 That’s my Number”, which was reference to his cell number during his term. Toots has been singing and touring the world since the 1960’s, and he received a Grammy Award in 2004 for the “Best Reggae Album of the Year”.

How we met:

We met with Toots in 2009 when he joined the PFC Band on stage during a concert at the Nokia palace in Los Angeles, performing Ottis redding’s Dreams to remember.He referred to the PFC Band as “The Big Bad Band,” and they definitely lived up to the name!

In 2012, we approached Toots to record a version of his famous song Reggae Got Shoul and bring it around the world to add musicians. The result is an outstanding mix of jamaican, congolese and worldwide influences.



May Pen, Parroquia de Clarendon, Jamaica

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