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Orbe Ortiz

Santiago de Cuba, Cuba


Orbe Ortiz, aka “Papa Orbe” was born in Santiago de Cuba in a family of musicians and learned to play cuban tres and bass guitar at a very young age. At 15 years old he started to perform with Casa de la Trova and later with artists like Felix Chapottin, Albita Rodriguez, and Ignacio Piñeiro. Orbe left his native country at the end of the 80’s and traveled to Colombia where he joined Toto La Momposina’s band. Since then, he has traveled the world playing with musicians such as Papa Noel (Congo) and Radio Malanga (Spain). Orbe has produced several records in Barcelona with artists such as Manu Chao, Amparo Sanchez, Macaco and Ojos de Brujo. Orbe formed a band in Barcelona that unites Colombian musicians who reside in Barcelona: Papa Orbe y los Turpiales Sabaneros.

How we met:

We met Orbe in Barcelona in September 2011 while recording Songs Around The World for the United Nations. We recorded him playing bass and tres in the streets of Barcelona. Orbe has been a part of the PFC Band in the past and will reunite to play with the group during our 2014 Peace Through Music Europe Tour!


Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

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