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Mirjana Draganic

Serbia, Novi Sad, Voivodina


I am a singer/songwriter, born in Belgrade, lives in Novi Sad, Serbia. I finished my primary and secondary education in Novi Sad. Afterwards, I graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture also in Novi Sad. At the age of 14, I started to sing in a church chorus “Sveti Georgije/St. George”, where I had been a member for six years. At the age of 20 I entered Elementary music school, Vocal Department. Graduation from that school meant the end of my formal musical education. With my friends, I formed, in 2000., a cover band called Milacopezo, and after a few years, we started to make our own music. Milacopezo released an album titled “Cekam te” in 2009. A bend was also hired to compose music for two theater plays. My singing experience also includes collaborations with Serbian pop singer Sergej Cetkovic (where I was a background vocal), and with Yugoslavien/ Serbien famous musician Peda Vranesevic (project: Slet opera “Nema zemlja”/Rally opera “Mute country”), etc. On numerous occasions and in various collaborations I performed at the one of the top European music festivals – “EXIT” in Novi Sad.

How did you meet PFC and how was working with us? 

During International Festival of street musicians in my city, Novi Sad, I heard PFC live, and at the end of the night my friend, from the bend “Zbogom Brus Li”, asked me to join them on some shooting tomorrow to sing and have a good time, so I showed up, and there they were, PFC!!!



Serbia, Novi Sad, Voivodina

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