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Mansour Seck

Dakar, Senegal


Mansour Seck was born in the village of Gueda Foutatouro region, in the north of Senegal. He is a blind singer and talented guitarist who grew up in a renowned griot family. Mansour is a close friend of Baaba Maal since his young age. As members of his family used to play during weddings and baptisms, Mansour learned music from an early age, particularly with his grand mother. He lived in Paris during the 80’s, performing with Baaba Maal before they created together the Dande Lenol band. Since then Masour still performs with Baaba during his tours and has recorded several solo albums.

How we met:

Mansour Seck is a griot, one of the keepers of West African oral tradition. He is a phenomenal guitar player who regularly performs with Baaba Maal. Though he is blind, he sees more than most of us, regularly interjecting shouts of spirit into Baaba’s songs. You will never meet an individual with a fuller understanding of the simple joy and pleasure life has to offer than this musician.


Dakar, Senegal

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