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Louis Mhlanga

Harare, Zimbabwe


Louis Mhlanga is a highly accomplished musician from Zimbabwe. Although a guitar player by profession, he loves all instruments, from the traditional to the modern. “My music is just an expression of my experiences and the connection I have with day-to-day events,” says Mhlanga. “It is also about the happiness I feel when I am able to reach other souls through music.”

How we met:

Our guide while in Johannesburg, Lesego Rampolokeng, told us about his good friend, Louis Mhlanga, whom he described as a more electrifying guitar player than Jimi Hendrix. Wow. We had to meet him. Lesego called him and set up a meeting with him. After telling him who we were and what our vision was, he said the only time he had available was right then, so he gave us directions to his place and we recorded in his backyard. The spontaneity of PFC is amazing and one of the secrets of beauty the project possesses.


Harare, Zimbabwe

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