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Welcome to Madrid, Sinamuva!

With the arrival of “Sinamuva”, the South African choir from Umlazi, our band is now complete. Everyone was overjoyed as all the musicians met each other for the first time, and that energy spilled right over into today’s rehearsal. The bus ride was one massive jam session, with the choir singing and the rest of the band playing improvised percussion ranging from hand claps to banging on the ceiling– the ball bearing curtain rods even became a make-shift shaker! The energy of the whole group is off the charts and I know that tomorrow’s show is going to be an unbelievable experience.

After rehearsal we all piled back into the bus and took over an Indian restaurant. The food was delicious and the company could not have been better. It feels like one big family vacation here in Madrid, and we’re looking forward to sharing the experience with a few thousand more members of the PFC Family tomorrow night at La Caja Magica.

Peace and Love from Madrid!

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