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Welcome to Japan!

After an eleven-hour flight from Los Angeles, the PFC crew has arrived in Tokyo, and we couldn’t be more excited! Narita airport is pretty far outside the city– it will take our bus about an hour and a half to reach Tokyo– but we are in no hurry. The sun has finally set (having departed LA during the day and flown west for so long, we’ve had nearly 24 hours of straight daylight!) and we’re all enjoying the view as the hilly country side passes by. It’s hot and humid, but the evening air streaming in through the bus’s open windows feels wonderful, and is a welcome change from the recirculated air of our flight.

As we continue to drive the landscape is slowly becoming more urban. The road is getting wider, and we are finding ourselves surrounded by more and more cars. Highways merge and cloverleaf off. An elevated train joins the chase. We drive across a beautiful suspension bridge, and suddenly we are in the midst of a massive urban sprawl. What began as a vanguard of brightly lit outlying buildings has now swallowed us, and we are surrounded by cityscape.

Our bus is now slowly wending its way through densely flowing traffic toward our hotel. I am looking forward to a good night’s sleep and an early start tomorrow. We are all excited to get to work on a week of amazing music here in Japan. And we can’t wait to share the experience with you, so stay tuned!

Peace and Love from Tokyo!

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