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The Power of Music | Playing For Change Foundation

Music education creates powerful change.

A recent comprehensive evaluation of our programs shows evidence of success, and we are inspired by the positive feedback from program participants. We are pleased to share with you some of what we heard and observed: the change in action.

When you support the Playing For Change Foundation, you are making this kind of change possible for our students and the communities they live in. Thank you so much!

Here’s what the students we surveyed had to say about their experience in PFCF music programs:

• 100% want to continue taking music classes
• 99% said their class worked together as a team
• 97% gained pride & confidence from learning and performing
• 91% learned more about their place in the world
• 87% learned new things about their community
• 76% took a music lesson for the first time

Featured Locations


Tamale, Northern, Ghana


Guguletu, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

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