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That Hill | Zoé Renié Harris | Live Outside

We invite you to enjoy this acoustic performance of Zoé Renié Harris, from the band Zoe’s Shanghai, performing her original song, “That Hill,” live outside in Barcelona. Influenced by sounds such as soul, jazz and West African roots, Zoe and her band create a sound all their own and as they say “use music as a weapon to make you feel alive!”

When asked what inspired her to write this song Zoé responded, “So That Hill, is basically an enthusiastic metaphor of life. I wrote it back when I was at business school, feeling very frustrated because the things we were taught were not stimulating and kind of meaningless to me. The only option for a flourishing future seemed to depend on becoming a competitive asset on the job market. I felt trapped in the codes, so this song is a call for more, an auto convincing message that there is a life outside of what they (the dancing masks) predicate.”

Be sure to check out the debut EP from Zoe’s Shanghai, A Mirage (Meant To Last Forever), being released on May 24th.

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Barcelona, Spain

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