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Soul Rebel featuring Bunny Wailer and Manu Chao | Song Around The World

We are happy to share with all of you our final Song Around The World of 2019. Bob Marley once said “One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain…” Another good thing about music is that it touches our souls and lifts up our spirits. Connecting people is one thing, but connecting souls is a whole other level. Turn it up and enjoy Bunny Wailer, Manu Chao and Bushman singing the Wailer’s classic, “Soul Rebel,” along with musicians from around the world.

Featured Locations

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Hellshire Beach, Jamaica

Kingston, Jamaica

Brown's Town, Jamaica

Key West, FL, USA

Madrid, Spain

Córdoba, Cordoba, Argentina

Oahu, Hawaii, USA

St. Thomas, Jamaica

Barcelona, Spain

Timtig, Morocco

Denver, CO, USA

Havana, Cuba

  • Full Credits

    Written By: Ross Anderson / Simon Law / Bob Marley / Mike West

    Aziz Boussetta: Drum

    Bernardo García: Claves

    Bunny Wailer: Vocals

    Bushman: Vocals

    Carlton "Santa" Davis: Drums

    Claire Finley: Electric Bass

    Dean Fraser: Saxophone

    "Lopaka" Colon Jr.: Percussion

    Los Pinguos: Acoustic Guitar

    Manu Chao: Vocals and Guitar

    Playing For Change Band: Vocals

    Rass Brass Extension: Horns (trombone, saxophone, trumpet)

    Sean "Pow" Diedrick: Keyboard

    Twanguero: Electric Guitar

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