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Smell The Rain by Genevieve Chadwick | Live Outside

Playing For Change was born out of the idea that some of the greatest music and art in the world exists live and in the moment. Our PFC “Live Outside” series gives us a chance to connect all of you directly with the musicians we meet throughout our travels and share some of these magical moments in time.

“Smell the Rain,” was recorded and filmed live on the streets of Sydney, Australia and features our soul sister, Genevieve Chadwick. We are so happy to have met her and honored to  produce Genevieve’s solo album,  recorded in Sydney with PFC Band members Roberto Luti, Orbe Ortiz, and Peter Bunetta. The album is exclusively available on our website, both the CD and Digital Download! Feel the love in this moment and share the joy with everyone you meet!


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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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