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My Dream Come True

This video showcases Utsav, Nepal, one of the students at the Playing For Change Foundation’s Musica Music Institute in Nepal. Utsav, who has been blind since birth, has always had a deep desire to someday play music in a band. “This is my biggest dream,” Utsav says. After hearing Utsav speak with such passion about his desire, the Playing For Change Foundation’s Musica Music Institute learned some of his songs and Utsav joined the group to perform for the first time in a band.

Utsav and his amazing journey to heal the world through music are a shining example of what is possible through the Playing For Change Foundation. He and nine Nepali musicians will travel to Bangkok in early June to play several benefit concerts that are being organized by the wonderful team and students from our Khlong Toey Music Program in order to encourage and support our PFCF Musica family in Nepal. To learn more about how you can help, read the full story here or simply click the button below.

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