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When the Music Comes to Life: Skin Deep

The song “Skin Deep” permeates a message of peace and unity that we are proud to share with the world. In our second episode of When the Music Comes to Life, PFC co-founder Mark Johnson talks about how this song across Chicago became a song across America.



Come to Life – Guayaki

Come To life is an Artist Driven Music Collective fueled by its parent company Guayaki Yerba Mate, Guayaki’s mission is to steward and restore 200,000 acres of South American Atlantic rainforest and create over 1,000 living wage jobs by 2020 by leveraging their Market Driven Regeneration business model. Guayaki’s vision holds that yerba mate culture will power their Market Driven Regeneration business model to regenerate ecosystems and create vibrant communities. For more information visit: Come to Life and Guayaki.

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Venice, Los Angeles, CA, USA

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