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Dona Georgina | Live Outside

To get the year started right we are happy to share our first PFC Live Outside video of the year recorded and filmed in Florianopolis, Brazil. This video features the talents of Dandara Manoela on vocals, Marissol Mwaba on bass, and Addia Furtado on jembe.  Great music and art exists in the moment and when it happens it can inspire us and move us all closer to our shared humanity. Turn it up and together we can change our world for the better, one heart and one song at a time!

Lyrics in english:

Ms. Georgina
And this freedom, where it is? Where does it go?
From my window I see that my people are the first to fall down
Is that now we’ve changed, stop talking, that’s a pure illusion
Racism is over, if you want to check, turn on the television
Ms. Georgina climb tiredly, with her daughter in her lap, her golden clothes, a burst came and frightened her.
The chest beat slowed until it stopped to watch life pass, and life was over
Is a lost cry, is a shot found, is a body on the floor
Everyone’s scared and it looks like it was just a mess
And if you do not believe and want to check, turn off the television and it will be in the window, in your window
what a situation
And this freedom, where it is? where does it go?
And the democracy, where it is?  where does it go?
And my rights, where are they? where do they go?
And your respect, where is it? where does it go?
Where is the love? Where is it? Where does it go?
And justice, where is it? where does it go?
Featured Location

Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil

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