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Tuning up at the Aladdin

Much of the PFC Crew remained behind after the band left Los Angeles a few days ago so that we could prepare to film these last few shows. This morning Mark JohnsonWhitney KroenkeJonathan WallsKevin KrupitzerEnzo Buono, myself, and our new friend Juan hopped a crack-of-dawn flight to meet up with the band in Portland.

It was wonderful to see them all again– everyone’s energy is through the roof as we roll into these last three shows of our North American Tour. We’ve said goodbye to California (and the sunny weather!) and are setting up at the Aladdin in Portland right now. While the weather may be a bit dreary, our spirits could not be higher.

We’re playing in front of a sold-out crowd tonight, and are all looking forward to sharing another beautiful evening of music with so many members of the Playing For Change Family!

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