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The PFC Band in Byron Bay: Tula & Roberto share some thoughts about their experience playing at the Bluesfest

For the third year in a row the PFC Band will be playing at the Byron Bay Bluesfest in Australia. See you soon at the Bluesfest. (April 2nd-April 6th)


“When I think of Byron Bay Bluesfest, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Festival’s unique staff. The way each and every one of them receives us with a true smile, an outstanding care and fun vibes, always. The most professional stage crew, the amazing cooks who always feed us with healthy and tasty meals, the drivers with their patience, the volunteers who work so hard and make it work every time with their desire to help.
The festival is so well organized that you can really tell the 25 years of experience it has, because of the attention and the thought behind every little detail. It is so special in the way it makes you feel a part of this wonderful big family and that makes us play with with love and fun and just want to bring those good vibrations on stage and pass it on to the audience. I can’t wait to be back! It feels like coming home in a way….”

“This will be my 3rd year at Byron Bay. I remember my first time there, and how when I arrived it was even better than what I expected. We stayed at a hotel by a secluded beach, and on our way to the venue we drove through beautiful forests and countryside. I also love the easygoing, joyful vibe of the staff and the musicians at the festival. The musicians all hang out in a common area, so I’ve had a chance to meet some of my heroes, like Taj Mahal. It doesn’t take much time before someone picks up a drum, another a guitar, and we end up jamming with talented artists like Joss Stone. Performing onstage at Byron Bay is amazing. You hit the first note and you know it’s going to be a high energy set; the crowd is on fire! This festival is one of the highlights of my experiences playing music.”

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