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The making of Lean on Me

Playing For Change releases “Lean On Me” around the world for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s “œArt of Saving a Life” campaign, an effort to improve children’s health across the globe.

This past January we released a new video that we had actually started a few years ago on the streets of New Orleans with PFC legends, Grandpa Elliott and Renard Poché. The streets of New Orleans have been the birthplace of some of PFC’™s greatest recordings, and the soul of this city lives on in the music. When Grandpa Elliott sings “œjust call on me brother when you need a hand” and you imagine the thousands of people he has sung for in the past – all those smiles and moments of joy and possibility – you can clearly understand how music can change the world. It can change the world because it can change us. We are the ones we have been waiting for, each of us is here to help the other grow and live in a peaceful world with love and health and, of course, music!!

One Love,


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