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The Band Hits the West Coast

The Playing For Change band has spent the past few days heading up the west coast, making several stops to bring music to the masses! And not only to folks at shows, but also to incredible kids who got the chance to experience music and the message of peace with PFC.

Playing For Change made a stop at Lennox Middle School in Los Angeles, where the band played a show for the students, who grabbed instruments of their own and joined in the music! The kids were so talented… they played everything from maracas to guitar, and even steel drums! These kids are definitely musicians in the making!

The band also played to an excited group of kids at VSAA, a music and art school in Portland, Oregon that created a curriculum around the Playing For Change movement. The students really connected with the music and were on their feet dancing by the end of the first song! It was great to see such young and energetic kids embrace the idea of change in the world with peace through music.

Bringing that peace to the world takes a lot of work, and no job is complete is without a day off here and there. The band enjoyed a day of rest in San Francisco, taking the time to soak up good food and great sights. Reggie especially liked the crab!

After tonight’s show in Seattle, the band bids the west coast farewell and starts their journey to the opposite coast, stopping along the way to bring music to the people. We can’t wait!

Playing for Change grew from a humble dream to make the world a little brighter, and now supports musicians all over the world. For only $5 a month, become a Member and enjoy the entire PFC music catalogue, receive discounts in our shop, and know 20% of your Membership is donated directly to the Playing for Change Foundation.

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