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Thanksgiving in Senegal

After nearly 24 hours of traveling, the crew and I have finally arrived in Senegal. We are here to begin production on some new Songs Around the World, and cannot wait to get started. We were met at the airport this afternoon by some colleagues of Baaba Maal, who were all very kind and helped us get situated in our hotel.

We took today to get settled in, but decided to grab dinner in downtown Dakar and get a bit of a sense of what the local scene is like. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner that consisted of a mix of international and local fare that tasted delicious after our long trip. Following our meal we made friends with an energetic young man named Faluo who recommended a band playing at a club on the other side of town. And so we all piled into a cab (that sounded and felt like it was going to fly apart at any moment) to check out the local music scene. The band was great, but jet lag started to hit us all midway through the set and so we parted company early. We are meeting Baaba Maal at his home outside of Dakar tomorrow, and we wanted to make sure we were well rested for that!

And with that, I will conclude this Thanksgiving posting. Whether you are celebrating in the company of friends and loved ones, or reading along from the comfort of your own home, all of us at Playing For Change are honored and proud to count you among our global family. Peace and Love!

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