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Thank You Vancouver!!

We just performed our last show in North America, and oh what a night it was! We played the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, and everything about the venue was fantastic– the venue was beautiful, the lighting was perfect, the sound was right on, the (sold-out) crowd was full of energy, and the band has never been better.

From the moment the first note was struck the crowd was on their feet and dancing. As the night went on the band’s energy kept rising in tandem with the crowd– back and forth and back and forth until it felt like the roof was going to blow right off the house!

One of the highlights was the band’s encore performance of Billy Jean. It featured amazing solos by Louis, Grandpa, Peter, Reuben and Alidu. Clarence busted out his moonwalk, and–not to be outdone– Grandpa got up and showed off some of his moves while Louis transported everyone in the venue to another planet with the most outrageous guitar solo I’ve ever heard him play (which is saying something)!

There were a number of moments over the course of the show that I had to put my camera down and just take in everything that was going on. It was truly a night to remember… And the best part of the whole thing is that we filmed the whole show!

It has been an amazing 6 weeks on the road. Thank you so much for all the support and love you have given us along the way. We could not do any of this without you, and we cannot wait to do it all again!

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