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Raan Williams.

Los Angeles, California, USA


In 1998, armed with a B.A. in business from The Ohio State University, Raan moved west to start a career in Entertainment Business Management. With over 19 years of experience working with some of Hollywood’s most prominent actors, musicians, and filmmakers, Raan brings a creative and business foundation to PFC. This experience enables the organization to not only focus on financial goals but maintain the true essence of its purpose in placing the highest value on the artists. With an appreciation for art and music that was born from being raised on a hippie commune in the Appalachian mountains of Southern Ohio, Raan is dedicated to spreading the musical revolution that is Playing For Change. As a board member of The Playing For Change Foundation, Raan is also committed to providing inspiration and resources to those who need it most.

How we met –

My introduction to Playing For Change came through years of sharing an apartment in Hollywood with Mark Johnson. We would spend hours each day together sharing ideas and philosophies as he mixed all different styles of music and dreamed of its power to change the world.


Los Angeles, California, USA