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Jeremy Goulder.

Los Angeles, California, Estados Unidos

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Jeremy has had a camera in his hands since he was thirteen years old, and feels privileged to be able to bring this artistic pursuit to bear on this project. From a very young age music has played a formative role in his life, and subsequently his career as a producer.

In 2005 he formed a production company, Engine 7 Films, with his brother Joel. Since the creation of his company, Jeremy has produced a number of feature length documentaries, live performance films, documentary shorts, and promotional pieces, and his photography has been featured in numerous print and online publications. His company specializes in producing socially conscious documentaries that serve as calls to action and films employing music as a central theme– with Playing For Change, he is very proud to have accomplished both.His most recent feature, ReGENERATION, was released in Fall of 2011.

How we met –

Jeremy first saw PFC’s “Stand by Me” in the Summer of 2006. That version consisted of a rough mix of a dozen musicians from the United States and Europe. At that time he was living and working full time in Boston, and flying to LA once or twice a month to build Engine 7 Films. Upon seeing “Stand by Me,” he quit his job, rented out his condo, moved to LA, and has never looked back.


Los Angeles, California, Estados Unidos