Musicians Spotlight: Miryam Quiñones

Great talent comes from everywhere, that’s why we are happy to announce a new blog series featuring emerging artists around the globe! Musicians Spotlight gives deeper insight into the lives of some of the most outstanding musicians from around the world.

Discover how music can change lives and unite the world through the stories of these artists!

Miryam Quiñones

A tenacious promoter of contemporary Peruvian and Latin American music, Miryam Quiñones has visited more than 22 countries, sharing her music with a strong foundation on the beauty of poetry and the power of words.


How did you discover Playing For Change?

I remember someone posted a video on Facebook like 3 or 4 years ago, it was the year 2017 or 2018 where I participated in PFC Day and I wished to take part because I thought the idea of connecting the world through music sounded beautiful, the idea of celebrating a day where everyone around the world joined in some way through art, music or any other artistic expression, there is also the fact that by doing these activities we help a good and necessary cause, so I got thrilled with the idea.

The spirit that I’ve found on Playing For Change’s proposal is to join and create a universal chain between people and music from every country, color, and language.

How did your passion for music start?

Music has always been part of my home because there was a guitar laying on the corner of our living room that belonged to my father. He played it like a hobby so music became natural for us.

When I was a kid they told me my voice was pretty tuned but we never thought that music would become my way of life because my parents had different plans for me and my brothers, they thought about a more traditional way of living like getting a degree and working in a company or something like that.

Turns out that when I was about to finish high school I discovered Silvio Rodríguez’s songs when my brother was playing his song “Ojalá”. It was at that moment that his music got me hooked! I say it as a joke but it’s true that he got me into the way of creating art with music because that was like a wake-up call for me, it was a new discovery and something so different from what I used to listen to on the radio, or the disks that my brothers used to play, it was like poetry that you could sing and the message was deep and full of reflection, it was like a special type of chant.

After that I went to college to study communications and for my good luck, there was a workshop group for Latin American music where I discovered a lot of singer songwriters that I didn’t know existed. It started as a hobby but soon started to become more necessary for me because I was a really shy girl and I realized that the songs helped me to express myself, they told stories I wanted to share with others but couldn’t express and I felt like that person who lived in another place, in another time, thinks the same way I do, that’s why I started to sing those songs.

It was kind of complicated because of my family’s expectations, they didn’t want me to be an artist but we managed to make a deal where my parents told me to finish my studies, and only then I could make my way through music. I guess they thought it was just a phase but it never passed, so I got my bachelor’s degree as they wanted and I started to dedicate myself to music, beginning a new life, a new career, and new places.


What instruments do you play and which one’s your favorite?

I play the guitar. I’m not an expert guitar player because I think singing is what I’m very good at but I can sing and play without trouble and I can do a full concert by myself, however, I do prefer to sing with more musicians. I also play a few percussion instruments like “cajón Peruano” or the ukulele which I just started playing.


As a musician, what do you think is the most challenging thing about writing and composing a song?

To be an artist (no matter where you are) it’s already complicated, of course, it’s more complicated in some places than in others. Being a “trovador” it’s a lot more challenging because this proposal is not commercial at all, you don’t just reach a lot of people and fill stadiums like Silvio Rodriguez, we move on a smaller circle with fewer people and some of us don’t have the resources to hire someone so we have to do it ourselves. I do that job myself and the career I picked really helped with spreading my work. Sometimes I have to go out looking fresh and rested but something comes up right before I get on stage and I have to take care of that myself.

There’s also a lot of new artists around the world that we haven’t heard of because they haven’t been able to become that popular amongst people, sometimes the public asks me who the author of the song is and I’m happy to share that because it helps to spread the work of my colleagues, that’s why I thought “Musicians Spotlight” was an amazing idea because it helps musicians spread their music around the world and reach more people.

What’s the best experience you’ve had playing on stage?

Definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had was when Silvio Rodriguez invited me to perform at his concert in Lima, Peru. He hasn’t been to Peru in more than 20 years and when my friends and I found out he was going to perform again we immediately got tickets, then suddenly I got an email where he invited me to take part in his concert so of course I accepted! That is what marked my career because at that moment I thought: ”I think I’m heading the right way, this is for me.”

Later I’ve had other amazing guests like Vicente Feliú, we recorded a very special album called Con El Alma en Vilo along with other guests: Jorge Fandermole, Alberto Rojo, Augusto Blanca, and Teresa Parodi. I also have a very emblematic single with Silvio Rodriguez called “El Necio” and of course all of this is very hard work but I feel the reward is worth it in the end.


Do you consider music as a way to connect people? How so?

The magic within this type of music and proposals is that it transcends time and space, it’s a very human feeling and it doesn’t matter whether the song has been composed 50 years ago at the time of Cuban revolution or yesterday, it’s emotion that touches the roots of a person’s life no matter where they are, it helps us understand that each of us has problems, happiness, dreams, hopes and illusions, we fall in and out of love and is that kind of connection that helps people, that is the reason why this music is so powerful, because of the beauty of the message itself. A friend of mine used to say that the ethic and aesthetics of a song have to come together to form a beautiful song and offer sincerity in its words, so you can believe what the artist is saying.

Tell us about your future projects:

I am planning to collaborate with some Peruvian singer songwriters to perform a few local songs, fortunately, I’ve been granted the Bicentennial Seal which is an initiative to support projects that promote Peruvian Independence as a historic event, so recently I made a tribute to the Peruvian Song in the “Museo de América” here in Madrid. I also won the Ibermusicas 2020 contest which led me to make a tour around Argentina.  I’m also currently working on musicalized poetry and recently offered two virtual concerts in the Gran Teatro Nacional (in tribute to Chabuca Granda) and the Británico Cultural (contemporary Peruvian songbook).


Want to listen to more of Miryam’s work? Check out her social media:

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Stand By Me – 10 Years Later

“My name is Roger Ridley and I’m in the joy business, I come out here to be with the people…”

Roger Ridley performing “Stand By Me” at the Santa Monica Promenade.

These were the words I heard in my first interview with Roger Ridley before he sat down to perform “Stand By Me” for the small crowd on the Santa Monica promenade back in 2004.  Neither one us could have imagined or even dreamed that this particular performance would be the catalyst to so many people seeing the world in a new and brighter way.  It was, of course, our first ever attempt at creating a Song Around The World—a song created by us traveling with a mobile studio and cameras to record and film each musician in their natural environment as they each add a new layer to the track. We had no expectations but just a strong will to see if music can unite the world.

10 years later, after witnessing over 100 million people watch “Stand By Me” on YouTube across about 195 countries, I reflect on this performance with Roger and 25 other musicians performing together around the world.  A great song, soul, and talent have proven to be one of the great unifiers in this divided world and I believe this is something Roger Ridley knew every day of his life.  He didn’t just come out on the streets to be with the people; he came out there to connect them in a deeper way, with a song, as his heroes had done before him.

Grandpa Elliott performing in New Orleans

I also reflect on Roger’s soul brother, Grandpa Elliott, who was the second singer on “Stand By Me” around the world.  I remember him as this beautiful character with a red shirt, blue overalls, and the Santa Claus beard.  When I met him he had been performing on the streets of New Orleans for over 50 years!! Roger and Grandpa share a powerful musical quality in the conviction of what they do.  The audience doesn’t just hear the song; they feel it in their soul.

Bhakani Memela

The journey creating “Stand By Me” was full of searching for soul around the world and we found it everywhere we went.  A friend introduced me through email to Bhakani Memela in Umlazi, South Africa who was the musical director for a vocal group named Sinamuva.  I had first heard this type of singing with their local legends, Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

When the crew and I arrived in the township to work with Sinamuva we heard these amazing voices coming from a small shack in the dark behind Bhakani’s house.  They were singing the choruses of “Stand By Me” in their native Zulu Language and it blew us all away!! The group was about 10 singers in total and their voices merged into a sound so full of love and power that I knew at that moment we were discovering something special with this attempt at a Song Around The World.

Clarence Bekker performing in Barcelona

The final singer on “Stand By Me” is the great Clarence Bekker from the Netherlands.   We met him in Barcelona after asking around the city for the best soul singer in town.   He agreed to perform on the Song Around The World and added his powerful voice for the second verse,

“If the sky that we look upon
Should tumble and fall,
Or the mountains should crumble to the sea
I won’t cry, I won’t cry, no I won’t shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me.”

It’s amazing to look back at his performance and realize he is singing as if the sky is tumbling and the mountains are crumbling and somehow some way we are going to make it as a human race.  We will stand by each other no matter what!!  That’s what I feel when I hear him sing and I imagine many others around the world feel the same way.  No matter how many things in life divide us they will never be as strong as the power of music to bring us back together.  This is one of the lessons I learned traveling the world recording and filming “Stand By Me.”

Mark Johnson with kids in South Africa

The one group we are all a part of is humanity and the music will always be there to re-connect our hearts and our souls. Everyone out there, this is YOUR SONG, it was made just for you.  Thanks for sharing in this journey with Playing For Change and thanks to all the musicians who made it possible!

One Love,

Mark Johnson

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Playing For Change represents the ways in which music unites us around the world,” adds Audio-Technica US President/CEO Phil Cajka. “We are proud to support their endeavors and we look forward to serving as an advocate for their efforts throughout the year.” That shared mission will result in Audio-Technica’s sustained presence in all PFC ventures as the organizations work together.

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Rasta Children | Of Roots & Reggae

“One evening, a few years ago in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, the PFC crew and I were waiting for an 80-year-old cuica player to perform on a Song Around The World. I remember it seemed to take forever for him to make it down the hill, as he would stop off in every bar along the way for a drink and some conversation.  As we waited I looked and saw a Rastaman walking across the street with his acoustic guitar in hand. I waved to him and he came over to see what we were doing with all our equipment. I told him about Playing For Change and he agreed to play a song for us while we were waiting. The result was an incredible, spontaneous performance of Dennis Brown’s ‘Rasta Children.’  His voice reminded me of Peter Tosh and he sang with so much soul that we realized this could be an amazing Song Around The World. Just one man and his guitar playing on the street set the tone for this song and we added a worldwide band of roots musicians around him. ‘I and I deal with humanity…'”

– Mark Johnson, PFC Co-Founder

Rasta Children’s Roots

“Rasta Children” was released in 1979 by Dennis Brown, who was known as The Crown Prince of Reggae. One of Bob Marley’s favorite singers, Brown led a prolific career having recorded more than 75 albums throughout the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. It was actually in Brazil where his journey would end—falling ill with pneumonia in 1999 and dying of a collapsed lung days later. Yet, while his physical journey on this earth would come to a close, his musical legacy continues to live on years later thanks to a chance encounter in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

With help from 16 different musicians across 6 different countries, PFC’s rendition of “Rasta Children” is a beautiful melting pot of talent. Of course, the Rastaman mentioned above is Paulo César “da Luz” Pereira, whom we met back in 2011. As he was the true inspiration for this Song Around The World, we are lucky considering all of the forces that allowed our paths to cross. Had it not been for the popularity of the 80-year-old cuica player, we may never have been able to capture such an organic and truly special performance, nor could we have gone on to share it with musicians and supporters around the world.

This meeting shows us the beauty in the world just waiting to be discovered, and the chance encounters that bring these moments to reality. One such story is that of another musician in this collaboration, Brushy One String, who began his career many years ago as a street musician in Jamaica. With an uncanny similarity to PFC’s earliest beginnings, a filmmaker named Luciano Blotta was leaving a Jamaican recording studio when he noticed a man on the corner playing an old acoustic guitar with only one string. After recording his song, “Chicken in the Corn,” Blotta left Jamaica only to find the video blow up on the internet with thousands of people suddenly showing their love and support for Brushy. Since then, he has led a full career performing in places like France, Argentina, Japan, and the U.S., while continuing to play throughout Jamaica. It seemed only fitting, then, that Brushy join with PFC to record “Rasta Children” in his hometown of Ocho Rios, and continue to promote a life dedicated to peace and unity through music:

“If we can change the words and melodies and bring back the love, we can have a balance between God and man,” Brushy reflects. “That’s what we need to put the world together.”

Brushy One String

Nattali Rize

Very much in frequency with Rasta Children’s nature sits Nattali Rize, a roots-rock-and-reggae rebel queen who has earned international fame as a singer/songwriter and social activist. Beginning as a street percussionist in Byron Bay, Australia, her career has grown through her dedication to an urban roots collective, Blue King Brown, and on to building her own band, changing her name from Natalie Pa’apa’a to Nattali Rize to reflect Bob Marley’s lyrics for “Rise Up.” With an emboldened attitude, Nattali Rize’s performances are praised for their, “epic, high energy, thought-provoking and uplifting live performances,” (Nattali Rize). Another featured musician in “Rasta Children” that deserves just as much credit to the success of Nattali Rize is Carlo Santone, a bandmate, manager, and partner of Nattali’s, who has worked with her since 2004.

Currently, Nattali Rize is just coming off a West Coast California tour, and will continue performing her latest album, Rebel Frequency, throughout France until the end of August. The full album is available by following the link above, and it boasts just as much of its Rastafarian roots while blending her own New-Era style and humanitarian message.

“Never forget, we are one human family and no one, man or woman or child, is illegal. We are the pioneers of a paradigm change and creators of a new world!”

Nattali Rize

Nattali Rize has embraced her deeply rooted rebel nature but continues to deliver her work with a refreshingly new style and feel that is unique to her world and her mission.

New Feature: PFC Musician Tour Dates

We are introducing a new feature on the Playing For Change website. Now on musician pages, along with photos, featured videos, and related links and musician accounts, we will also be promoting individual tours and shows happening around the world. You can view our entire musician tour schedule by following the musician tour dates link above, as well as access individual events by searching for your favorite artists’ PFC page.

While this is an ongoing process, you can expect more tour information to be uploaded and updated regularly as we are always collecting new and amazing musicians. One of our longtime friends, Roberto Luti, will be performing in Denmark with Luke Winslow-King this August. Find more information about these events by following the link provided.

Roberto Luti’s Tour Schedule:

Quote of the Day:

“Playing For Change, man all my life I’ve been putting out love, but not like that.”

Grandpa Elliott

Photo of the Day: Bo Hème, @boheme.69

Special thank you to Bo Hème for this amazing portrait of Grandpa Elliott and for your continued support of the Playing For Change movement and its members.

Video of the Day: Happy Birthday Grandpa Elliott!

Please enjoy this glimpse into the amazing life and journey of Grandpa Elliott, one of the longest standing PFC musicians, and the closest to our hearts.

One Love,

Playing For Change

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