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Success in San Diego

It seems like Playing For Change keeps getting better and better as the days go on. Two days ago, the band and crew flew out to our next destination, San Diego, where everyone could relax after a long six-hour flight. I was unpleasantly surprised at how cold it was in June in southern California though. The night air whipped through my cotton tank top as I thought about the thick humidity and unbearable heat in New York City. And that was before the recent heat wave!

After a good night sleep, everyone woke up ready to play at the Belly Up down the block from the hotel. Clarence and I took a walk to the nearby beach where the sandy brown cliffs hung over the crashing waves. They seemed to swallow up more and more of the beach as they exploded onto shore. These were not like the waves I was used to in New Jersey. I kept my eyes peeled for great whites, but the only wildlife I saw were the seagulls. I’™ll take it.

Later on that day, we all made our way to the venue. Everyone was feeling quite nice and comfortable in the place. It had a good vibe. The stage was not too big and it was just the right amount of people for the band to really rock. More members of the PFC family showed up: Jeremy and Joel Goulder, as well as the Road Rebel crew, and some local friends of the artists.

The show itself was magnificent. It was the first time I ever got to see Louis really rip on his guitar, and I was floored. I have never seen someone pluck those strings the way that man does. It was like the instrument was an extra appendage, something like an extension of his body that had been there since the day he was born. His fingers lightly grazed each string as he referenced his mental fret board. The band played memorably well and the crowd could not seem to stop dancing. It was a great success.

I have been to concerts and shows time and time again. Of all the bands I have ever seen, no one has shaken me like Playing For Change does during their performance. Audience members cry at every single show. There is never a dull moment with a nine piece band of musicians from all around the world. The music is uplifting, the energy is unconventional, and the performance is unsurpassable. It is not hard to have a life changing experience with Playing For Change.

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