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Sound Check at Tipitina’s

The PFC Band showed up at Tipitina’s Uptown about an hour ago, and we’re now about midway through sound check. After almost a month on the road, tonight is our last performance for this tour. Being on the road together, we’ve all gotten a lot closer, and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone tomorrow morning. But there’s still a lot of great music to create between now and then!

Everyone’s in great spirits for tonight’s show. We’ve got a nice long performance planned for tonight– two full sets– and we’ve even worked in a couple of new songs for the occasion. Again, if you’re not able to make it in person to Tipitina’s tonight, it is being webcast live beginning at approximately 10PM CST. Just hit up (link no longer available) and turn your speakers up loud!

Check back soon for more pictures and video from New Orleans– we’ll be putting them up on our website and Facebook page just as soon as… well, as soon as I finish shooting them. Until then…

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