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No Worries in Woodstock

Wow, what a week it has been! Rehearsals in Kingston, New York at the Clubhouse studio could not have gone better and the show was great. Everyone is excited to be back on the tour, just playing music and working towards putting on the best performances an audience could ask for!

While the Playing For Change musicians worked on adding three new songs to their repertoire, the summer sun set over the rolling fields and lush green trees in the backyard of the barn house studio. Some of the band members lived at the studio; equipped with a full kitchen, living room area, a handful of well-decorated bedrooms, and a fully stocked live and control room. Ranging from equipment like a Neve 8058 MKII Vintage Recording Console, a 1960s Ludwig drum kit, and a selection of Telefunken Tube Microphones, the band sounded unbelievably clean. Personally, my favorite part of the studio was the two old pooches holding down the fort accompanied by a mischievous kitten who licked the steal my chair every time I got up.

Rehearsing at the studio was a great experience for everyone in the band. It was easy to relax and take in the picturesque surroundings. I do not know if it was the mountain air or just the summer wind, but the creative juices were flowing like the wine! Paul Antonell, the studio owner, hired a talented chef that cranked up the heat with some appetizing dinners and delectable desserts. With bellies full and minds at ease, the band laughed the nights away.

The nearby town of Woodstock is beautiful! It is a quaint old place, but the music scene still lives on in the town named after one of the most memorable music festivals in history. Local street musicians gather in the Village Green, a small cement center of town with a few benches and flowerpots. Mom & Pop shops line the winding roads, advertising organic foods and local artwork. It was a town full of musicians, which made the band feel right at home. It also brought a band member, Peter Bunetta, back to the days when it was his home. He told us stories of how he traveled to Woodstock to be a drummer for his friend’s band, and how rent was much cheaper in 1970. I enjoyed listening to his stories.

Time flew and our days slowly dwindled until the travel day, when some members of the band took the train and others drove down to New York City for the Central Park Summerstage show. Our stay in upstate New York was unforgettable. Thanks Clubhouse Studio, Bearsville Theater, and Woodstock, for giving such a warm welcome to the Playing For Change Band!

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